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Article: You’re my one and only - A love affair with Solitaire Rings

You’re my one and only - A love affair with Solitaire Rings

You’re my one and only - A love affair with Solitaire Rings

The Timeless Solitaire: The Most Popular Style of Engagement Ring

Hello, my dazzling friends! Katherine here, ready to dive into the romantic world of engagement rings. Today, we’re focusing on the most popular and timeless style of them all—the solitaire. With its classic elegance and understated beauty, the solitaire has captured the hearts of couples for generations. Let’s explore its history, the different cuts and shapes, what it symbolises, and the various styles that make it a favorite choice for engagement rings.


The solitaire engagement ring gained significant popularity in the late 19th century. In 1886, Tiffany & Co. introduced the now-iconic Tiffany setting, which featured a single diamond held in place by six prongs, elevating the stone above the band and allowing it to catch the light brilliantly. This design revolutionised the way diamonds were showcased and set the standard for solitaire engagement rings.


A solitaire engagement ring, featuring a single, stunning diamond or gemstone, symbolises unity, commitment, and enduring love. The lone diamond represents the singular, undivided bond between two people, making it a powerful and romantic choice for an engagement ring. Its simplicity emphasizes the purity and clarity of the couple's love and commitment to each other.


The cut of the diamond is crucial in determining its brilliance and overall appearance. Here are some of the most popular cuts for solitaire engagement rings:

1. Round Brilliant Cut: The most popular and classic choice, the round brilliant cut is designed to maximize the diamond's sparkle with its 58 facets. It’s a timeless cut that suits any style.

2. Princess Cut: Square or rectangular with pointed corners, the princess cut offers a modern look with exceptional brilliance. It’s a great choice for those who want a mix of classic and contemporary.

3. Emerald Cut: Known for its long, rectangular facets, the emerald cut provides a unique and elegant look. It emphasizes clarity over brilliance, giving the diamond a sophisticated and understated appeal.

4. Oval Cut: The oval cut combines the brilliance of the round cut with an elongated shape, making the diamond appear larger. It’s a graceful and flattering choice for any finger.

5. Cushion Cut: With rounded corners and larger facets, the cushion cut combines a vintage feel with modern sparkle. It’s a romantic and soft choice, perfect for those who love a bit of nostalgia.

6. Marquise Cut: The marquise cut’s elongated shape with pointed ends creates a dramatic and regal look. It maximizes carat weight and gives the illusion of a larger diamond.


While the solitaire ring focuses on a single diamond, there are various styles and settings that can enhance its beauty:

1. Classic Six-Prong Setting: The original Tiffany setting with six prongs offers maximum security and light exposure, making the diamond appear larger and more brilliant.

2. Four-Prong Setting: A popular choice that provides a minimalist look while securely holding the diamond. It allows for more light to enter the stone, enhancing its sparkle.

3. Bezel Setting: The bezel setting encircles the diamond with a thin metal rim, offering a sleek and modern look. It’s also a practical choice for those with active lifestyles, as it provides excellent protection for the diamond.

4. Cathedral Setting: The cathedral setting features arches of metal that extend from the band to hold the diamond, resembling the arches of a cathedral. It adds height and elegance to the ring.

5. Solitaire with Side Accents: For those who want a bit of extra sparkle, solitaires with side accents incorporate small diamonds or gemstones along the band, enhancing the central diamond without overshadowing it.

6. Solitaire with a Twist: Contemporary designs include twisted or split shanks, giving the classic solitaire a modern and unique twist. These styles add a touch of personality while maintaining the focus on the central diamond.


The solitaire engagement ring is a timeless choice that offers versatility, elegance, and symbolism. It’s a perfect canvas for showcasing a stunning diamond, allowing its beauty to shine without distraction. Whether you prefer a classic round cut or a modern princess cut, a solitaire ring will always be a sophisticated and meaningful choice.

At KJJ Diamonds, we offer a wide range of solitaire engagement rings, each crafted with precision and love. Explore our collection and find the perfect ring that celebrates your unique love story.

Stay radiant, stay glamorous, and remember: with KJJ Diamonds, your love will shine forever!

Sparkling regards, Katherine Founder of KJJ Diamonds

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