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About Us

Jewels from the Heart of London 

Nestled in the bustling streets of Londons jewellery district, Hatton Garden, KJJ has spent the last two decades serving those in the know with an ever changing collection of beautiful big jewels. 

Our eclectic collections have been snapped up by clients all over the world, from antique jewels hallmarked within the city centuries ago, to our new made in house collections, our pieces all reflect the city we’re from, with its rich, centuries old jewellery reputation.

We have built a reputation selling extraordinary coloured gemstones, and for us, the Diamonds were usually the supporting act. If we came across a stunning Diamond piece, we offered it, but we specialised in, and built a reputation for colour. 

The last few years in the Diamond industry have been wild, Lab Growns have changed everything, and we are so excited to be working with them creating statement pieces that would have been inconceivable for most budgets less than a decade ago.

The Team

Katherine Guest - CEO - The city of London was pivotal in my own personal obsession with jewellery. Born and raised in a suburb of London, a passion for jewellery was ignited on the school playground at pickup time. It was the high 1980s, in Wimbledon, when waxed jackets, Alice bands, big hair, and bigger jewellery reigned supreme. The colour, scale, and the sheer theatre of some of the pieces being worn on the school run sparked a passion that has grown over the decades and turned me from admirer, to collector, to the founder of the KJJ you see today. 

Claire Lovell - COO - A Londoner born and bred too, Claire is meticulous which is exactly what you need in a jeweller, her attention to detail is second to none. Claire manages the team, handles the day to day operations, and she’s also hilarious which I’m not sure you should put here, but she is, she’s brilliant. 

The workshop - We have a small team of exceptional jewellers at the workshop who handle making, setting, sizing and repairs.